Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday, Week in Review

Ya! It is Wednesday! My WW points reset! I can start anew after the cookie binge that I had yesterday!

Somehow, someway, I lost .6 pounds this week. It isn't much but I will CERTAINLY take it. The week started off really good Wed. though Sat. Then, I took off for my dear aunt's 50th out of town & it all went downhill. The weekend included things like: a thick burger, onion rings, pizza, candy, lots of drinks, and probably other things that I have mentally blocked. Yikes!

Monday I was back on track and ready to go. Tuesday was going fine too. Then, I decided I would make cookies with my daughter. My self-control was so great the previous week that I only ate 1 cookie out of the entire batch. And no cookie dough to speak of! Ya. I made up for that yesterday.

I am no longer Shredding with the Sisterhood either. I know, I suck. You see, last week I ran into a fellow hockey mom who invited me to come to some of the fitness classes that she teaches. Last Monday, I tried her Muscle Work class and I LOVED it. So, so, much. She kicked my butt. My triceps have never been so sore. Anyway, I must love pain because on Wednesday I went to her cycling class AND her muscle work class. Right in a row. I burned over 1,000 calories and could barely move the next day. I am telling you, this chick is better than Jillian. She is a more likable version of Jillian and I know that if her classes can't whip me into shape and make me start losing again, nothing will.

So, here is what my new fitness routine looks like:

Sunday: Vinyassa Yoga
Monday: Cycling & Muscle Work
Tuesday: Nothing, maybe a walk outside with the kids
Wednesday: Cycling & Muscle Work
Thursday: Nothing except for possibly a walk
Friday: Run & Muscle Work ++ (this muscle work class incorporates more cardio that the other ones)
Saturday: Elliptical & Vinyassa Yoga


  1. You are kicking some serious ass with your workouts! Good job! I'm proud of you!


  2. Way to go with all that you are doing. Pretty amazing workouts!

  3. its okay to fall off the band wagon every now and then - just as long as you get back up! :)

    looks like you're got a killer workout schedule!


    You are LOOKING GREAT BTW!!!