Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Week Meal Plan

I did my shopping for the next two weeks today. I must say, in the beginning, it was a little overwhelming. When you are attempting to do ALL of you shopping for the next two-weeks you need to be very organized and prepared with a well thought out list. I am really falling in love with the system though. I find I am able to buy more at Sam's Club now than I used to, although I do watch prices pretty carefully. Sometimes they end up being more expensive than the other stores that I go to.

Anyway, today I came home with my Pilot FULL of food/necessities. Now I am set for the next two weeks! Did I say that I have noticed that I spend LOADS less money at the store since I started doing this? I estimate, not even really trying, that I am saving about $400 per month. That is HUGE.

Friday: Tacos

Saturday: Nada- Kids will be in Dickinson with Dad & Tony & I will be eating Prime Rib & sippin' vino at his work Banquet.

Sunday: Creativity in the Kitchen A.K.A Leftovers;-)

Monday: BBQ Cups & Mystery Veggie

Tuesday: Crunchy Baked Chicken & Whatever Fancy Strikes Me

Wednesday: Cheesy Potato & Sausage Soup, Salad, French Bread

Thursday: Glazed Mahi-Mahi (I might have to improvise with Salmon or something, I couldn't find Mahi-Mahi anywhere?!), Hash Brown Casserole, & Veggie

Friday: Homemade Pepperoni & Green Olive Pizza & possibly a Mushroom & Jalapeno one for me only (YUM!)

Saturday: Steak & some manly sides

Sunday: Kitchen Creativity Night

Monday: Taco Soup & Salad

Tuesday: Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken & Side

Wednesday: Ranch House Crock pot Pork Chops with Parmesan Mashed Potatoes & Veggie

Thursday: Skewered Mustard-Beer Shrimp & Cheesy Broccoli Rigatoni


  1. You are so good. ;o)

    WHAT?! You and Tony are going out? I haven't talked to you in forever!

  2. Yes we are! I am excited! Free food, drinks, & babysitter! Woo-hoo! I don't think I can even REMEMBER the last time the kids spent the night away from us.

    I was just thinking of you! I miss you!