Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We arrived home from MN last night at about 7:30 pm after spending the Easter weekend with Tony's family. His parents had a full house! It was very nice to see everyone (especially our new little niece, Hannah!) I can't BELIEVE I didn't even take any good pictures of her! I am such a slacker!

Our kids had a BLAST on their Easter egg hunt this year. The Easter bunny hid them around grandma & grandpa's house in the woods. The woods sure do make excellent Easter Egg hunting grounds!

And they are off! I couldn't believe how quick those kids can run when they are on a mission! Tony started off helping Grace, but then he saw that she was beating Quinn to several eggs so he quit;-) That girl can hold her own already.

Here is Kade in mid-sprint.
Eggs Spotted! On the deck!

Hey! This is getting harder! All the easy ones have been found!

Grace was screaming at Kade here. She thought he was trying to steal her eggs, LOL. In reality, he was trying to help her by giving her one of his.

I love this one of them. They were chatting it up and I can even see my lil' rag-a-muffin's eyes.

Time to count the eggs and see what is hidden in them!

Here is Grace, showing Tony's brother, Andy her loot. Daddy is hard at work doing something.

BIG robin egg smile.

Hey! Quinn found a dog in his egg! Lucky!

This is Tony's entire family including his Grandma Anderson. She is a sweetie!

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