Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hodge Podge Day

Today has been a very busy day. First thing this morning (after I did day #4 of Shred and took the boys to school, of course) Grace had gymnastics. I must say, she is so naturally good at it. I think it may be because of her utter lack of fear;-)

Unfortunately though, after gymnastics her and her little friend (also Grace) were the only 2 children who did not receive stamps on their hands. When we asked them why they did not have stamps, they said, "because we didn't listen". They really didn't seem to bothered or concerned by it though. I DO think Grace needs to listen & I had her apologize to the teachers BUT I must say that I have noticed that the teachers don't seem to be so great with kids. There is a BIG lack of patience going on combined with overreactions and just generally not really able to get down on the kids' level and relate in an appropriate way. I'm not so sure I will be signing her up again. Maybe we will try Mandan, she does seem to love it. Anyway, here she is doing her moves. I took lots more pics but they didn't turn out:(

After gymnastics, Grace sat VERY patiently through my dentist appointment. She did, however, require a step-by-step explanation from the hygienist on exactly what she was doing.

When we finished up there, we met Tony at Northridge to have lunch with Quinn, who is student of the week this week. Here we are eating the infamous 'Nacho Boat' .
Here is Quinn with his 'Student of the Week' display.

Our evening was just as action-packed. After picking the boys up from school, we discovered the neighborhood tramp- a miniature horse sized dog, that seems to somehow 'escape' from his owners quite frequently and for LONG spells, was waiting for us at our house. He has been friendly in the past, so I let the kids play outside with him there. Well, he ended up biting my daughter. It bruised her sholder but did not puncture the skin but I did call the Sheriff's office and had a deputy come out. He tracked down and talked to the owner (I did not know who the owner was, they live near, but not in our development) who says he will keep the dog locked up now. Hmmm.
After dinner we did Easter Eggs. I will let the pictures do the talking. That is always an adventure.

Happy Easter!


  1. Megan-
    Barb and I are always talking about how most of the teachers aren't very patient at BGA. What do they expect from kids these ages anyway??

  2. What fun! Never a dull moment in your family!

  3. I too have to say that I found the teachers at BGA aren't the best example of how I want my child taught....that is why we stopped...I can only imagine what they would do to poor Shelby...

    Beautiful pictures of your always!

    Miss you my friend