Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reindeer Antlers and Big Girl Bikes

Monday night Kade had his school music program. It should have taken place a couple of weeks ago, but with the flooding issues here, it had to be postponed.

Kade is already just TOO COOL. He did NOT want to wear reindeer antlers. He was humiliated and he has been giving me an earful about it at home. Thankfully, it is over and he did not die of embarrassment. I, for one, think he makes a mighty cute reindeer! Maybe he could wear them for next years Christmas photo?

This is all the 3rd graders. That is a lot of 3rd graders! It kind of looks like my entire elementary school when I was a kid!

Notice how Kade took his antlers off to play his instrument? Notice the smile? Different kid without the antlers.

Here are some of the kids doing a very exuberant dance. Those kids were havin' some fun, let me tell you.

Kade playing his instrument. This, he enjoys. The singing & antler wearing...not so much.

Here is Gracie with her new bike! We picked it up at Walmart yesterday with her gift card from the Easter bunny! Ya, ya, I know. The Easter Bunny was smart though. He knew mom & dad wouldn't want to deal with hauling a bike to and from MN. This way, she even got to pick her own. Unfortunately the stock is a little low after Easter. We ended up with a Bratz bike. I really don't care for Bratz but she REALLY wanted it because of the streamers & front pouch. I understand the need for accessorizing, so I gave in.

She got her gorgeous new helmet with the Easter money she received from her Great-Grandparents.

After a long day of playing outside yesterday, Grace passed out outside the bathroom door clutching her favorite dress-up shoes. She was waiting for dad. In case you were wondering, she was snoring;-)

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