Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Junior Gardeners

This past weekend we got lots of yard work done!

Saturday we prepped the garden. We took out the 4 individual beds and make it into 1 HUGE garden bed. It is going to be a family affair to keep it weeded! Good thing everyone seems to enjoy working in the garden. Tony went over the garden with the tiller about 3 times and we added lots of Steer Manure. Lucky me' got to purchase the Steer Manure-12 bags of it- after my Saturday Yoga class. Good thing I was feeling peaceful while loading up all of those stinking, dirty bags into my NEW SUV. Ugh. The garden is looking great though! I can't wait to start planting! I am thinking that will be on the agenda this coming weekend.

Tony spent the morning on Sunday out working in the raspberry patch. Unfortunately, none of our raspberries survived the winter so we will be starting over with them this year. As soon as Lowe's opened we headed back there to get some more fertilizer for them. Hopefully they will fare better with a little extra love. We also bought lots of flowers! I bought some gorgeous red geraniums and some spike's (sorry I don't know their technical name) for my 2 pots that I like to put on my front porch. My grandma always had red geraniums on her porch, I think that is why I love them so much. The kids are SO into gardening. Especially Quinn, so we let them each pick out some flowers that they got to re pot and can care for throughout the summer. They look cute out on the back deck, too. Quinn & Kade have to wait to re pot theirs until I buy more pots. It seems a few went missing.

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  1. I had big, big plans for my yard/garden this year, but seeing as though we are missing the money to do it, it will probably remain half-done forever. ;o)