Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thooth Fairy

Sorry about the blood! Hopefully no one is squeamish!

Quinn lost his first tooth last night (with a little help from dad). It has been loose for a couple of weeks now, so it was time that it came out. I remember Kade, whenever he would notice a loose tooth, it would be out by the end of that very day. He would do NOTHING but wiggle & tug on it until it came out. Quinn has been much more laid back about it & hasn't been wiggling it much other when his big brother would REMIND him to. Kade also offered to tie it with floss and tie the other end to both a door or a shoe that he would throw down the stairs, on several occasions. It was decided it would be better if dad just took care of it before Kade got anymore--creative--ideas.

Quinn was very excited for the tooth fairy to come. Almost as soon as the tooth came out he was rummaging around for an envelope to put his tooth in. He carefully labeled it, so the tooth fairy would make no mistake. Before he went to bed he made sure his room was nice & clean, so she wouldn't have any trouble making it to his pillow.


  1. :P
    Couldn't you post the pictures from after we cleaned him up?

  2. Ya, but he looked so excited in this one. The other one didn't turn out as good. A little blood never hurt anyone;-) OK, maybe it did. Whatever.