Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yup, still alive!

Hmm...who looks more into this to you? I am sensing a HS yearbook picture here. Daddy being a good sport & dancing with the princess;-)

Okay, I know it has been forever but I decided I would bite the bullet and post something. I think the winter blues may have gotten to me a bit & I just didn't feel like writing anything. As you can see, Quinn has discovered how fun it is to engage in princess dress up. He does make a beautiful princess, doesn't he?

During my blogging hiatus, Quinn celebrated his 6th Birthday. I can hardly believe he is so old already! He chose to have a swimming party complete with pizza & cake. It was alot of fun! We discovered that Sundays are a fantastic time to have B-day parties at hotels as we pretty much had the pool to ourselves! Unfortunately, our camera ran out of batteries (Bad mommy) and we didn't really get any good pics of our b-day boy.
Quinn & a friend


Here is Kade with his edible community that he made for school. Nice job Kade!

So precious. Gracie fell asleep while cuddling with her big brother.

Gracie & Quinn are done with hockey and I never even got a chance to post the pictures of Gracie's first day of hockey. Bad mommy. Anyway, here they are & only 2 months late!
She had been on the ice for not 5 minutes when she ditched the skater-aid and went without. She is a natural!

Momma dressed her a little to warm. Her she is trying to cool off & relax a little.

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