Monday, March 9, 2009

Living the hockey life

That is what it is feeling like anyway. This weekend consisted of hockey, hockey, & more hockey due to Kade being in the Bismarck Hockey Tournament over the weekend. For the next 2 weeks he will have practice on all but 2 days in preparation for the Grand Forks tournament March 20-22. I may complain a little, but I really love to watch him play. I think he is awesome:-)

His team, that had only been playing together for 1 week, took 3rd place in the tournament over the weekend. They played so well together. We also got to see my uncle Scotts son Casey play, which was fun. I sure wish I would have taken some pictures but I forgot my camera, of course. I better remember it for Grand Forks!

I also signed Gracie up for gymnastics today!! She is so excited! As we were walking out we ran into a mom of one of Kade's friends who commented on how she couldn't believe Gracie was in gymnastics already. She said, "She is so little!" When we got to the car Grace said, "She said I'm little!! I am not little! I am big!"


  1. Way to go Kade!

    Oh I bet she is going to LOVE gymnastics!! Our activities just ran out, and I missed the swimming lesson sign-up for this session, so we are at a lull. I checked out baseball and the cutoff day is 6 by the end of April. ;o(

  2. Gracie is a big girl! I bet she will enjoy gymnastics! Your hockey schedule makes me tired!