Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Our weekend was filled with all things Christmas. We started it off early Saturday morning by watching Quinn's dress rehearsal for the Christmas program at our church. He has a solo in 'Away in a Manger' and is dressed as an angel. I must say, he made an adorable angel;-) I have been practicing his solo with him all week, but I was convinced he would panic when he actually had to do it IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. He is definitely a shy child when put on the spot. When they made him walk front and center I thought for sure he would hide his face and whisper his part. I am happy to say...I was wrong! He sang his little heart out! Unfortunately, the Christmas program was cancelled this morning due to the Blizzard, so we will have to wait until Wednesday for the performance.

After the practice we headed over to the mall to visit with Santa. We got there a bit before Santa so we took the opportunity to go get some ideas for The Man in Red at Target.

Yes- Grace has chocolate or something circling her mouth. Oh well, she wouldn't be Grace if she was all clean & stuff, now would she?

While we were waiting to see Santa Grace kept trying to go in front of the other kids to talk with Santa. Apparently, they are fast friends. When it was FINALLY our turn Grace hopped right up on his lap and told him that she wanted Binoculars. What?! What happened to the horse she wanted yesterday? This definitely took the cake as the oddest Santa request that has come out of any of my kids. Quinn clammed up and wouldn't tell Santa what he wanted at first. Grace came to the rescue and informed Santa that Quinn wanted Transformers. Once Grace got the ball rolling Quinn was able to elaborate on his Transformers request. Kade said he wanted Havoc Heli Laser Battle Helicopters.

After the Santa visit while we were waiting for our picture CD Grace wandered off. Where was she you wonder? Why, she was visiting with Santa again, of course! Santa was a little curious where her parents were though. Once we recovered her we were discussing where to go for lunch and Grace said, "SANTA! DO YOU WANT TO GO HAVE LUNCH WITH US?" in her loudest screaming voice. Once we told her Santa was busy she said, "Oh. SANTA! WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO BRING YOU FOR LUNCH?"

Grace, Grace, Grace. What would we have done without you making our lives so colorful?

Today the kids made, or should I say, decorated, a Gingerbread House. It was a fun, but messy project. Especially once they got bored with the 'prepackaged' decorations and broke out the fine sugar sprinkles.

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