Monday, January 5, 2009

The Little Team That Could

Wow- it has been awhile since I've blogged! I hardly even know where to start! Well, we had a very excited weekend! Kade was in a hockey tournament in Mandan over the weekend. It was his turn to try out the goalie position for the first time...very nerve racking at tournament time! The tournament included teams from Bismarck (4), Dickinson, & Mandan. We had hopes that they would win a couple games, but we weren't expecting too much since they had yet to win a game against another Bismarck Blue Mite team all season. Our only wins had been against the Bismarck girls & Mandan.

Kade's 1st game (which I had to miss because Grace wasn't feeling well Saturday) was against another Bismarck team & they lost 3-2. Tony said they played a great game though. The next game on Saturday was against Dickinson & they won- my weekend is one hockey blur though & I can't seem to remember the score... So, we went into Sunday in the #2 position in our bracket.

Sunday our first game was against Mandan at 10:30. They played SO well & won that one. We barely had time to grab some fast food & let the dog out at home and it was time for their 2nd game of the day at 1 pm. It was against Bismarck Red. VERY NERVE RACKING. They hadn't won a single game against this team- not even close. The way the boys played was UNBELIEVABLE and THEY WON! It was amazing. It is like everything finally clicked for our team and they finally understood what it meant to be a team and work together!
At 3:00, after a mere 1/2 hour break, it was time for our game against Bismarck Blue (their 3rd game of the day). Somehow, the kids pulled out more unbelievable energy and won that game as well. It was nothing short of fantastic to watch. To see a team have a season so full of frustration and disappointment do what they did this weekend made it all the more wonderful.
Here are some pics from the Championship game:

What a great group of kids!


  1. Congratulations K!!!! YOU DESERVE IT BUDDY!!! You should be so proud !

    Megan and Tony-
    I am sure you guys are so proud of that amazing little man of yours!! Congrats!

  2. Congrats to Kade...and his proud mom and dad too!

  3. That's awesome! Way to go Kade!

  4. Hey Megan, head over to my place for an award!