Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving, Part 1

When Kade & I returned from hockey last night we were greeted with these signs.

Quinn had games placed strategically throughout the house "for Halloween" and these were the informational posters that he made:0)  Looks like he is preparing quite the party for us!

The cheif pumpkin carver, Tony, decided it was time we got our pumpkins carved.  Unfortunately we just didn't have time for all 3 kids to do theirs last night, we only ended up getting Gracie's done.  The boys will do theirs tonight.  Here are some pictures of her with her pumpkin!


  1. Love the notes!! Tony is quite into the pumpkin carving deal, huh??

    I still need to take photos of ours, I didn't have any candles!

  2. Chad said that the "dremel" is CHEATING in the pumpkin carving world ;)