Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My baby

Yesterday Grace had her preschool open house. I cannot believe my baby girl is going to preschool. Ugh. I can already feel the tears coming. I am going to be such a mess on her first day.

One of the things she needed to bring to the open house was a photo of herself. This photo will go on all of her art projects, cubby, etc. throughout the year. As I was looking through the photos I have taken of her over the summer, I realized that my little wild woman was...well...wild looking in all of them. Dirt smeared on her face, no shirt- you get the picture. So I cleaned her up and took a few. I can hardly believe how grown up and beautiful she is already.

The teacher that both the boys had was suddenly moved up to Kindergarten this year. I am so devastated about it. She is such a wonderful preschool teacher. So, Grace will have a new teacher. My first reaction was to withdraw her from preschool entirely (she is only 3, after all) but I am going to just send her. I really think Grace will do wonderfully in preschool and she will love it. She is such a smart & social little girl. Maybe they would let me just stay with her? I am a licensed teacher after all... Just kidding. Kind of.

Grace had a good time at the open house meeting everyone. She had no problem at all being left to play with the other kids and getting to know the teacher while I filled out paperwork and got some info from the director and the principal. Now she just can't wait for school to get started.


  1. Those are some great photos! When our baby grew up too fast WE decided to have another!

    Of course, your preschool loss is our kindergarten gain...we are super excited about having Michelle teach Ethan this year!

  2. Preschool, WOW! She will do great. And trust me, after the first few times you are going to be LOVING your few hours to yourself. I promise.