Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anyone There?

Yes, we are still here, alive, & kicking. Who even knows where to start with what has been going on around here. I am going to give a short recap, mostly in photos.

These pictures are in the order most recent, to oldest. (This fact really annoys me, apparently I will never figure out how to properly upload photos to blogger.)

This is Grace, today doing some yoga. She is so funny.

This is Quinn today, getting his XBOX fix. It has been broken for the past few months, so it is the hot item right now around here. Tony and I are really loving it too. Especially since we figured out how to stream movies from Netflix to our big screen via the XBOX. Very cool!
Can you believe it? I am the mother of a handsome 10 year old. I couldn't be prouder of him. He is such a sweet kid. Not to mention an awesome hockey player! This is just a little family party we had for him. We are still planning on letting him have a friend party, either at home or at Raging Rivers.
Hmmm....what should I wish for?
He is always SO embarrassed when he is in the spotlight.
Gracie all hot, sweaty, and high on sugar at the parade over the 4th.
Quinn at the parade.

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  1. Cute! You can switch the order of the photos by dragging them around while writing your post.